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At Next Adventure Wealth Advisors, we employ a detailed and deliberate process when meeting with a prospective new client. It is an engaging and extremely worthwhile endeavor and I promise you will gain a great deal of clarity about what truly makes you tick. There is no pressure what-so-ever and I always encourage our prospective clients to meet with other firms so they can make the most educated decision on a future partner.

In the Discovery Meeting, I will take you through an interview that covers seven distinct areas of your lives in order to learn all that’s important to you. What are you proud of? Who is important to you? Where do you want to be in 5 years? What are some things on your bucket list? These are just some of the non-financial items we’ll discuss in this meeting which typically lasts around 90 minutes. The end result is a tool called the Total Client Profile (TCP) that we’ll refer to and update throughout our relationship.

In the Investment Planning Meeting, we’ll review your TCP and dive into the financial planning software. Our Goal Planning & Monitoring program is a highly robust and interactive tool that gives me the ability to show you exactly where you are financially and how prepared you are for your next adventure. We’ll run “what if” scenarios and stress test your goals over various economic conditions. You will leave with a thorough understanding of your situation and you’ll be empowered to make decisions based on facts, not emotions.

The Mutual Commitment Meeting is the opportunity for you to ask any questions that have popped up since we last met. It’s where we decide, together, if it makes sense to move forward. It’s a two-way street. We are not for everyone and at this point in my career, I only work with those whom I feel I can have a significant impact. It is not about account size, it’s about a commonality of purpose. If I don’t think I’m a good fit for you, I will give you an honest assessment and point you in a direction that I believe will maximize the likelihood of your success.

The 45 Day Meeting is the admittedly unimaginative name for the time we get together to review all the paperwork you’ve received since joining our client family. I will answer all of your questions, binder-ize your important documents, shred what you don’t need or want, set you up with online access to your accounts, and chart a course for future action and review.

Regular Progress Meetings are established at the interval that most fits your needs. Some clients like to meet on a quarterly basis, some annually, and others as needed. The choice, of course, is up to you. We always love to see you! If Advanced Planning is required like, Estate, Tax, or anything else unique to your situation, we’ll establish a game-plan.

Raymond James does not offer legal or tax advice.


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